Chris Brown, Trey Songz – Who do You think is More Good Looking?

This is really isn’t what we should be dwelling on, but we got to understand the fact that it is a really hot topic in the American industry and we decided on bringing it down here to seek the opinions of the locals here as it bothers on two international superstars.
This topic is about Chris Brown and Trey Songz and it disappointingly doesn’t have to do with their craft (we are sorry!) but more on their looks. In as much as both of them are two great artistes, they also are two handsome men who make ladies drool uncontrollably at the sight of their perfect looks. However, one thing that nobody can take away from the nature of humans is competition.

And this is very well occuring in the case of these guys. There are a lot of people who pitch these two guys together in terms of looks as they feel one is more attractive than the other physically. Some people believe Trey Songz is a more handsome young man than Chris Brown while others feel it’s the other way round.

This has however caught our attention to as we feel the need to get your opinions on the issue. Who do you think is more good looking – Chris Brown or Trey Songz?

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